Invitation to the Whitsun Conference 2023

Fr. May 26 - Mo. May 29, 2023

The idea of the human being - being and becoming

As spiritual beings we share in the responsibility of creation and are part of the developmental and evolutionary processes of the world. In his 12th Lecture of The Study of Man, Rudolf Steiner describes how our physical body is in active relationship with the animal, plant, and mineral worlds. With the help of this lecture, we can gain a deeper understanding of the development and evolution of the body, soul, and spirit. This will be the foundation for the Whitsun Conference 2023. Once again, we will offer online text study sessions prior to the conference.

We are happy to announce, as this year’s lecturers, Friederike Gläsener (Waldorf primary teacher, Berlin), Philipp Gelitz (ALANUS University, Alfter), Philipp Reubke (Pedagogical Section, Goetheanum), Georg Soldner (Medical Section, Goetheanum), und Marcel de Leuw (Head of the Pedagogical Section NL, Emeritus).

This year, the conference will begin earlier, on Friday afternoon, but also end earlier, at midday on Monday. There will be seminar and artistic workshops, as well as “theme-islands” as meeting points throughout the school grounds. Eurythmic and creative evening activities will round off the program.

We invite and welcome you!

Due to the success of our online program, we will be offering any interested participants the opportunity once again to take part virtually. The program for 2023 can be downloaded and printed on this website. Registration will also take place online starting Feb. 1, 2023.

Our collaboration with the Association of Eurythmists, focusing on eurythmy in preschools, continues. New and interesting workshops allow preschool eurythmists and preschool educators to work with and learn from each other.

We would especially like to invite, at a reduced rate, all childminders, daycare providers, and leaders of parent-child groups. We are committed to supporting everyone in their work with children and families, and we hope to provide a network of learning and support.

We look forward to welcoming interested participants from around the world, either in reality or virtually, on the beautiful grounds of the Waldorf School Maschsee!

On behalf of the staff of the Whitsun Conference Team and in cooperation with the Pedagogical Section of the Goetheanum,

Heartfelt greetings,
Dagmar Scharfenberg and Philipp Reubke

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