Terms and Conditions


Registration and payment received by May 21, 2021:

  • A - entire conference including working groups, conference fee 120 € 
  • B - online lectures without working groups, conference fee 60 € 
  • C - Working group 12 only, conference fee 50 € 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Vereinigung der Waldorfkindergärten e.V.
Landauer Straße 66
67434 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Tagungstelefon +49 (0)6321 9582865
Telefon +49 (0)6321 959686
Fax +49 (0)6321 959688
Email info(at)waldorfkindergarten(punkt)de

Attention: Please always dial the conference phone +49 (0)6321 9582865

The registration is binding.

Payment and Cancellation

The conference fee and the accommodation fee are due with the registration. Please transfer the total amount to the following account (please indicate the first and last name of the participant as reason for payment):

Vereinigung der Waldorfkindergärten e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Stuttgart
IBAN DE07601205000007707707

Please note that a bank transfer can take up to 5 days.
In order to enable many participants from more distant countries to attend the conference, we kindly ask you to increase your conference fee if possible.

In case of cancellation of the conference participation, written notification is required and must be received in Neustadt by the stated deadline. Conference fees already paid will be refunded with deduction of the following processing fee:

Cancellation until April 29, 2021: 20% of the conference fee
Cancellation until May 12, 2021: 50% of the conference fee
Cancellation after May 12, 2021: 100% of the conference fee
Cancellation for which no payment has been received: 100% of the conference fee

Financial Assistance

For travel assistance or assistance with the cost of the conference (also for participation via video), please contact, no later than March 31st, 2021:

Verein der Waldorfkindergärten e.V.
Landauer Str. 66
67434 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
conference tel. +49 (0)6321 9582865
tel. +49 (0)6321 959686
fax +49 (0)6321 959688
email info(at)waldorfkindergarten(punkt)de